Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center
Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center



ETC welcomes all players for spring 2016



Registration is open for everyone who is interested in advancing their play
ing or coaching career. Student discounts are also available.
Please refer to
www.elsawytennis.com for information.

The Center's partnership with Marriott Hotels continues through 2016 with special rates and packages for all center staff, players and friends. please inquire about special rates.

Applications for summer 2016 are now being reviewed and accepted, please don't wait till the last minute and reserve your place now.

This summer is looking to be one of our best summers in the pat eleven years, top pros, college D1 players and national and state ranked juniors are ready to test there limits with our training routine. Physical preparation and strategy development will be on top of our list of focus areas this summer. All summer programs are officially going to start June 6th 2016, hope to see you all there.

Center shirts and hats are now available for all players, check with your coach.


To all players, please don't forget to sign up for the weekend tournament on the center calendar.

Call any of the coaches if you need any help.


Malak El Sawy and Jayda Base continue their advancment in U10 division.

Karim Shokeir and Omar El Moslemany continue their college careers with termendous success.

ETC affairs:

To all players, please remember that all registration papers and fees must be finalized 14 days prior to your first session at ETC......thank you.

New players section:

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Players Blog:

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