ETC Rules and Regulations

We are proud of all our players and the fact that we represent part of their development. To do our best we require the following rules and regulations to be followed for the general good of all players involved in our programs.
All players are responsible for bringing their own equipment and any extra personal items that they might need. Coaches would be happy to advice and answer all questions in regards to proper equipment.
We expect all players to be there on time for their sessions. We do our best to provide moderate flexibility for all parents who make the sacrifice to drive a long way to train with us.
There will be no tolerance for bad or negative behavior (profanity, racquet throwing….etc) on the court. We reserve the right to dismiss any player who engages in such an act or a similar one. We run a competitive clean program and that’s why parents entrust us with their players and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Flexibility and rescheduling:
The center reserves the right to reschedule sessions on rainy days that have no other activity planned. All players enrolled in a semester program have the following rights for the entire semester:
Rescheduling four days for holidays.
Rescheduling three sick days.
Rescheduling two days for emergencies.
All rescheduled and make-up sessions have to be completed within 14 calendar days of return.
No switching clinics for privates.

Payments: payment is due on the agreed date of every month; a grace period of 3 working days is going to be given. Past that, 3% of the bill will be added daily until balance is covered. This will not excuse any other payments due at that time.

Private Lessons: Payment is due at the end of the session with no exceptions.

There is a no refund policy for semester players. Just the flexibility to reschedule per above rules.
If a private lesson is scheduled and is not part of a package, and has not started, players are entitled to a refund given that they gave the coach a 24 hour cancelation notice.

ETC staff and coaches will always be available for questions or clarifications on any of these rules and regulations. We wish all our players and their families the best and if there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions stated above, and commit to abide by these rules and regulations.

I have read and Agree to ETC rules and regulations.