Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center
Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center



  Eric Messersmith Director -
ETC Fitness Programs
Mike Henderson

Owner of Temple Fitness Personal Training Studio

Designed and implemented every aspect of multiple personal training businesses including hiring and managing a full staff of employees and sub-contractors, evaluating and prescribing exercise (body composition analysis; muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility; cardiovascular screening; muscle fiber type testing; and nutrition and supplement recommendations), Worked with various individuals and teams to increase their speed, strength, condition, and level of performance through nutrition, supplementation recommendation, flexibility, and speed / agility / coordination training.  hiring and supervising of employees, maintenance, organizing and marketing the Annual Temple Terrace Road Race, and fitness facility expansion design.   He also


“From my personal experience with him and the pleasure of coaching side by side, with his Fifteen years in the business, coach Messersmith not only works on your body, but works on your mind as well. His body transformation abilities are exceptional and will guide any athlete towards a body and character building experience”     tamer el sawy