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Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center Elsawy Tennis Center



An E.T.C team will guide you through a unique tennis program, whether you are an aspiring professional, a touring pro, a junior, or an adult.

This is the place for you to be as a tennis enthusiast, no matter your current level, we will help you reach your goals and have fun doing it.

ETC also announces its partnership with world renowned LPT (Le Petit Tennis) to provide the Tampa bay area with the best young development program in the world for kids ages 3 to 8.

ETC is now opening its doors for 2016 Alpha Touring Team. The team will consist of eight to ten juniors or pros preparing for college or a professional career. As this program will provide financial aid and scholarships, Certain criteria will apply for acceptance.

Full-time Boarding Programs:

Alfa Touring Team

ITF/ATP/WTA High Performance Elite

College Placement

After School & Adult Programs:

Tiger (ages 3-10) - Beginners

Junior Clinics (ages 11-16) Intermediate

Advantage (ages 11-17) - State & National Competitors

Competitive Edge (ages 11-18) - High Performance

Adult Programs

Other Services:

Professional Fitness and Conditioning

Professional Mental Toughness Sessions

Massage Services

Injury Rehab Services

Stringing Services

Semesters and Times 2007

Semesters and Times 2017



Spring Semester :


          January 9th  till  May 19th


Summer Transition Semester:


          May 22nd  till   June 2nd



Summer Semester A:


          July 5th till July 7th


Summer Semester B:


        July 10th till August 11th



Fall Semester:


         August 14th till December 15th




Private Lessons (Juniors and Adults):


          Provided 7 days a week from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm


 Adult Clinic:


         10:00 to 11:00 Am every Saturday


·          6:30 to 7:30 pm some Wednesdays ( Please call to confirm)





          Next Day Service



Please call to confirm dates and times prior to commitment.